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by Absurdity Made Flesh

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Now it is time To throw away the shackles the sense holding you back Time of reckoning at hand Red Cry out In Terror Tooth Burn it all and Claw I am the whirlwind I bring your doom, inevitable as the rising storm. Thrill, like a thing alive urging forward. Inescapable, this ends here and now. This ends here and now. One step. A flashing glint. Crimson spray taking flight. Fear in your eyes. Flying like an arrow in the night. Screams of pain fill my ears. I am the purging fire. You Cry out In Terror For Your demise I am the whirlwind. I bring your doom, inevitable as the dying sun. Regret, fear of whats inside crushing down, inescapable. The veil lifts from my eyes.
You being of rancid flesh, see but will not, cannot believe, as you gaze at supposed nothingness. Fear becomes hate, as hatred turns to fear, it matters not as you've chosen blindness. All man is false. Absurdity made flesh. The dawn of truth will come and with it madness. Nothing shall answer your prayers. The horror grows in you, like the moss on my skull Now accept your fate and be cast down into the abyss Any thoughts of escape, will doom you even worse. Struggle, and you forfeit even yourself. Can't you see you are dead in numerous ways, a swarm. Can you even remember where you've begun. All man is false. Absurdity made flesh. The dawn of truth will come and with it madness. Nothing shall answer your prayers. Changed to a broken husk. A mere shadow of what once was. No 'semblance to what supposed to be it was. I offer a simple choice, it might help I don't know. Tear out your left and feed the crows with right. Your blindness will not permit you to see what you face, but only deny. Even as it swallows you whole. All man is false. Absurdity made flesh. The dawn of truth will come and with it madness. :nothing shall answer your prayers. ::no one shall hear your prayers.
Radiant 05:32
Quenching flame. Failures, the blanks in your mind. No strength to go on. Limbs have failed. Skin is torn. Fall down to your knees. But a whisper booms massive as silence. And lips part to voice defiance. Choosing life over death Echoes rise form the deep, triumphant, searching. Piercing the darkness ever shrouded in shame. Always defiant. always true. Cracked, not broken. Let the light shine through. Finding strength in weakness. Raise your voice. Raise your head. Crush the guilt, ever forcing your way unto further regret. Once more. Take a step. Journey as a destination. Raging storm. Power, surges constant, strength replenished. Blade in hand, wrought in armor. Reclaim your mind, Radiant!


What started out, like many bands do, as two quitarists finding an outlet for accumulated riffs and track drafts, has slowly built up the material, members and most importantly experience in playing together to be considered a fully fledged metal band.

Now we are here, hungry to share our work with the world and proudly introduce our first official release. Titled Humanity, its three tracks deal with the darker shades of the human experience.
There is also a strong connection to the bands underlying message - which on some level almost unintetionally finds its way to every text - of critisizing the short-sightedness of humanity. Especially in the bands titular track Absurdity Made Flesh, this message is quite prominent. Our style of music generally comprises a mix of melodic death and doom metal, but Humanity keeps the tempo up and tensions high.
This debut leans more on our love of furious riffs, blasting drums and angry unrelenting screams, only giving a glimpse of our more atmospheric side in the ending track, Radiant.


released June 24, 2021

Absurdity Made Flesh are:
Pekka Laurikainen - Vocals
Henri Rantanen - Guitar
Jarno Videnoja - Guitar
Leevi Visala - Bass
Esa Kumpula - Drums

Tracks recorded at Studio Watercastle during the dying winter of early 2021.
Recording and Mix - Janne Korpela, jannekorpela.com


all rights reserved



Absurdity Made Flesh Tampere, Finland

Debut EP Humanity, exploring the darker sides of humanity and living in a world that's slowly crumbling under our weight, OUT NOW!

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